Monday, December 9, 2019

Conference on New Middle East Policy Design


Muhammad Asad


ISLAMABAD:Sep 28,2017- ‘’Pakistan’s commitment to remain neutral in all the conflicts of Middle East that involves a deadly war in Syria, a rift between Saudi Arabia and Iran, etc’’ unanimously  declaration of a one-day international conference on “Pakistan’s “”. It’s was Multilateral Dialogue & Way Forward” was organized by Pakistan House. The purpose of the conference is to generate a debate that Pakistan should facilitate “new channels” of multilateralism and policy of dialogue between Gulf and Middle Eastern countries. The dignitaries of the seminar included Lt. Gen (Retd.) Phil Jones, UK, Mr Rana Athar Javed, DG Pakistan House, Mr Jean-Francois Cautain, Ambassador, Delegation to the European Union to Pakistan, Mr Kamal Hyder, Senior Correspondent-Al Jazeera.

 In the conference the speakers talking about the prospects of Pakistan’s interests in the Middle East region, Ambassador (Retd) Ali Sarwar Naqvi gave the brief overview on the complex dynamics of Middle East with which Pakistan has close historical ties with reference to having a common religion and culture along with the close collaboration in the field of trade and commerce.

 At that occasion Rana Athar Javed said that Pakistan should developed close diplomatic ties with the two Islamic countries. Pakistan throughout its history had close friendly relations with the two Islamic countries and both have been determined for the stability, development and security of Pakistan.

In the end Kamal Alam elaborated war in Syria and its different aspects. He stated that the Syrian War is being wrongly perceived as a sectarian conflict. Additionally he said that in reality several Sunni tribes together with Christians and other minority groups are supporting the Assad regime. While on the other hand, his rival groups generally includes terrorists that are mainly being referred to as “rebel”. International community has to decide whether we have to support Assad, Iran and Russia that are legitimate entities or the rebel groups, majority of whom are terrorists.

In the conference lot number of students and civil society participated and they also took part on question answer sessions. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes