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Climate change should be included in the single national curriculum

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD: September 24, 2021-Rida Rashid, chairperson of Friday for the Future Pakistan, and activists of Impact and Youth Climate Activists, during a press conference at the National Press Club Islamabad yesterday, called on the government to include climate change in the national curriculum. Ensuring strict implementation   of environmental    policies, prioritizing emissions reduction, ensuring climate change and environmental inclusion, and incorporating a single curriculum. Environmental protection activists added that But issues should be mentioned in the national curriculum alone and awareness of the causes of the climate crisis, possible solutions as well as the climate crisis should be more accessible to disable peoples.

She further said that there are sources like internet, television, newspapers and radio to spread awareness in this regard. He said that the climate crisis should be curbed like taxes and fines on environmentally harmful business activities. And should be   encouraged through  environmentally friendly business   activities.

Activists also staged some demonstrations to signal that the time has come. The crackdown on climate change is fast approaching. One of the demonstrations included a death, in which workers lay on the ground. They point out that without action on climate change, our survival is at stake.

She said the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which revealed that 71 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions were due to 100 companies alone. These corporations have committed, and continue to commit, crimes against humanity in the total global greenhouse gas emissions from 1988 to 2015.

Avoiding the law Many of these corporations are state-owned, which is why the responsibility for inactivity falls not only on the fossil fuel industry but also on global governments.

 She demanded that the existing policies need to be implemented more effectively. Violations of existing laws, such as the ban on plastic bags, should  be investigated and action taken to prevent recurrence. However, these plans must have specific goals and specific time frames for achieving these goals. Power generation, power distribution, sustainable and sustainable infrastructure Water distribution should be established throughout the country. In addition to dams and run-of-the-river projects, there should be solar and wind power. Renewable energy sources must also be maintained (such as reducing pollution).

While illegal activities such as overfishing, illegal logging and poaching should be stopped. National parks, hiking trails and forests should be closely monitored and effectively monitored. Climate change should be mitigated to mitigate the effects of climate change. Introduce resistant farming. Irrigation methods should be permanent and sustainable. Agricultural education and incentives should include: ways to reduce fertilizer and pesticide contamination such as food management and field buffer, crop rotation, climate justice, climate change issues, affecting women Problems should be special. They should be addressed and women’s voices should be raised. The displacement of people and the response to the damage to people must be dealt with directly. Climate crises, especially heat waves, monsoons and rising sea levels, must be addressed. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes