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Citizens of Islamabad will facilitate: Tariq Fazal Chaudhry


ISLAMABAD: (APS)Nov 26,2015- Minister of State (CA&DD) Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry chaired a meeting with all head of departments working under CA&D Division, Islamabad.

The Minister sensitized the top management of the attached departments about the task that he is given as the Minister of State CA&DD. He said that he was born and brought up in Islamabad and therefore is well aware of the problems faced by the people of the Capital city. I belong to this city and therefore I know its problems inside out, he said.

The Minister said that he was entrusted with great responsibility therefore, huge expectations were associated with him. Talking to the participants of the meeting he said that these expectations can be fulfilled through team work. We will collectively take this responsibility as a challenge, he said.

Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhary said that creative thinking is the key to solution but that should be within the boundaries of rules and regulation. He categorically said that he will not let personal liking and disliking marring the system. We have to uphold the principles of professionalism and objectivity in performing our duties, the Minister said.

I intend to see visible development in the Capital; therefore we have to expedite our efforts. Red-tapism is a big stumbling block in the way of progress, so we have to get rid of the menace of Red-tapism, the Minister said.

Talking about Capital Development Authority (CDA), the Minister said that CDA needs holistic reforms to bring visible change in the Capital City. He further said that provision of civic amenities to the citizens of Islamabad is the priority of the Government.

In the end the Honorable Minister reiterated his stance of bringing visible reforms in the Capital and emphasized the need for the collective response in this regard. We can’t afford to waste any time, we have to start working at the earliest, he concluded.

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