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Aitzaz Ahsan demands replacing cabinet with all-party coalition


LAHORE (APS) JAN 29,2016– Aitzaz Ahsan started a new political debate on Friday by asking the Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif to dissolve federal cabinet and form an all-party coalition government, reported APS news.

The Pakistan People s Party (PPP) leader further said that the country is at war while the ministers are incompetent. Aitzaz said that the federal Interior minister says he does not need to meet the federal Defence minister, adding that the Defence minister says he has not shaken hand with the Interior minister for more than 4 years.

Aitzaz asked if the ministers are not communicating with each other then how the ministries are functioning. He said that 3-4 ministers should be changed. He also suggested PM Nawaz Sharif to bring forward the young leadership from their party.

Aitzaz told that he has direct links with army and other institutions.

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