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Pakistan’s educational system produces “degree-holders, not knowledge holder

Zain Ul Abiden and Habiba Gulzar interni repoters and students of Mass Communication of Sargodha University with Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Vice Chancellor of Sargodha University at Islamabad.

Zain Ul Abiden

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD: To fix education system, disconnect should be bridged among teachers, students, administrators, and policy makers. The education system in our country is in dire need of correction. There is a great disconnect between students and teachers, teachers and administrators, among teachers, and, above all, between policy makers and academia. In the end, different players are different expectations and completely different set of ideas. These should be bridged together, to fix our education system.

Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, Vice Chancellor of Sargodha University, said there is a great opportunity of positive change in the universities. He said students lack exposure; those from rural areas have not been to major urban towns, letting alone interacting with people there. Universities can provide them those opportunities to who students.

Rawalpindi, said Pakistan’s education system is failing at the fronts of curriculum, co-curriculum, and extra-curriculum. A key purpose of education is to enable a student read, write, and speak – something which educational institutions are unable to achieve properly. Questions are also framed in a way that instead of building a student’s analytical skills, they end up rotting answers.

Columnist Khursheed Nadeem said argued that despite multiple systems, each catering to different socio-economic class, at the end of the day, they are all producing same mindset. It is the mindset that is dogmatic, not receptive to diverse views. He said Pakistan’s educational system produces “degree-holders, not knowledge holder.” • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes