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World Space Day is celebrated


Muhammad Asad

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD: Oct 04,2017-“Exploring New Worlds in Space” is the mission theme and how we could find more new things in space with the help of our new scientific methods and technologies.  Pakistan is big contributor in field of science so now we want to make our nation more resource able and well aware with world researches. Pakistan has lots of new talents and passionate youth so we polished our young generation in field of space science. These words described by chief guest Qaiser Anees Khurram Chairman SPARCO at the occasion of kicking off of word  World Space Week(WSW) at Islamabad from October 4-7- 2017. And Vice Chancellor Institute of Space Technology IST Engineer Imran Rahman was also present on that occasion.

Institute of Space Technology (IST) launched a four day activity based program in collaboration with the National Space Agency of Pakistan (SPARCO) with the theme of “Exploring New Worlds in Space”. WSW will generate space awareness amongst the students from a large number of schools and colleges of the twin cities Islamabad /Rawalpindi and surrounding areas besides general public.

 This year’s theme will enable the debates surrounding where we explore next, be it on Moon, Mars or even beyond, to inspire event organizers to set up exciting space exploration events at schools, universities, science centers, planet aria, astronomy clubs, companies, and even museums. The events and activities of WSW 2017 include, Space In Quran, Space Declamations, Space Quiz, Space Extempore Speech , Space Innovation, Shooting The Night Sky, Space Birthday Party, Live Space Telescope, Navigating Google Earth, Space Image Interpretation, Colonizing Space, Geo Caching, Pin Hole Camera Design,  Space Environmental Solutions, Air crash Investigations, Space Junk Design, Space Olympics Design, Space Documentation, Space Creative Essay & Story Writing, Space Event Journalism,  Space Slogans, Space Spellathon, Space Poetry, Space Report Writing, Aero Modeling,  Glider making , Water Rocket, Para Eggs Competition, Boomerang Wings, Space Balloon Cart Competition, Space Model Competition.

World Space Week (WSW) is celebrated in accordance with the United Nation’s General Assembly’s declaration of 1999. The Third United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNISPACE III) suggested the celebration of the World Space Week. Pakistan is endeavoring to enter into the realm of Space Science & Technology and related applications.

World Space Week celebrations in 2017 will open-up avenues to improve the vast human knowledge and awareness of the clear benefits of space technology and its applications. This will also illustrate that our exploration potential has no end, and that the sky is not the limit for the many wonders of human discovery.

.The World Space Week will continue till 7th of October 2017 culminating many inspiring space oriented events. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes