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Veena Malik takes khula after three years of marriage

veena malik

LAHORE:(APS)March 11, 2017-Actress Veena Malik and her husband, Asad Khattak are parting ways after a little over three years of marriage.

Malik has filed a plea in a Lahore court for her separation where a family judge, Qaisar Jamil Gujjar issued a degree in the favour of actress earlier on January 31, 2017.

According to the court, three notices are sent to the defendant and if he doesn’t come to the court then the court issues an order in favour of the complainant. Veena’s reason for the divorce is that he changed after marriage and his personality became ‘complicated’ and his demeanour became negative,” stated Ali Ahmed, who is Veena’s lawyer.

weena malik khula

Therefore, the court has given a unilateral decision because of Khattak’s unavailability.

“They have 90 days to reconcile and if the defendant still fails to show up in court the divorce will not be reversible,” shares Ahmad.

Talking to private tv channel, Veena’s father, Malik Aslam revealed that even though Asad was a partner in his business, “he was not as financially stable” and that the couple “had a lot of problems”.

“We all tried for three years to make things okay. When controversies regarding her shoot in an Indian publication came out, I was the first one to support her and stand up against what was being said to her and this time I am with her, the decision (for a khula) she made was right and I stand by her.”

He adds: “Even though their marriage has ended, my relation with Asad will remain the way it was, like a son and a business partner, and he continues to be so.”

The couple got married in Dubai on December 25 in 2013 and they have two kids which are with Veena Malik now.

Although the matter of custody has not been decided yet, Mr. Aslam says that the children will live with Veena and that their relationship with the father will remain the same. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes