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The role of media is important in empowering women

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ISLAMABAD: (APS)July 20, 2017-The role of media was a key to promote women’s leadership in society. The media itself in Pakistan was witnessing a positive change with increasing number of women in different fields of media and hence, it could be expected that this change in media industry would trigger the change at broader level. The participants expressed these views at a consultative meeting on ‘enhancing women’s leadership role in the society’ held by Peace and Development Foundation (PDF) here at National Press Club Thursday.

Fifteen women journalists representing various mainstream media organizations on the occasion received special awards in recognition of their work and struggle for women empowerment. The speakers during the consultative meeting highlighted various aspects of the gender mainstreaming and empowerment and said that the particular mindsets regarding the role of women needed to be changed.

Romana Bashir, Executive Director PDF said that the role of women as leaders should be enhanced in the different walks of life as at present we were not getting benefitted from the potential of women in our national development and progress. She said that media was also part of civil society and hence, has an important role to raise awareness on the need of women in leaders.

Senior Journalists including Afzal Butt, President PFUJ, ShakilAnjam, President NPC, Imran Yahqoob, Ali RazaAlvi, Shafqat Aziz and others senior journalists on the occasion said that it was good to observe that women were being encouraged to play their vibrant role in media. However, they said, for a sustained impact, the effort on enhancing women empowerment should be aligned with social and cultural norms of the society.

The speakers said that there was no denying of the fact that women in leadership role were imperative for the development society. However, things in this regard were being moved forward and several positive measures could be observed that were aimed to enhance the role of women in social, political and economic arenas. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes