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Rumi’s teachings are crucial to defuse Western Philosophy: Barrister Zafarullah Khan

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Chaudhry Ahsan Premee

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD:MUSLIM Institute has organized an International Conference on Sultan Bahoo & Mavlana Rumi”. The Conference aims at highlighting the teachings of two eminent Scholars, Sufis and Poets of all the times who played a vital role in guiding people towards the Divine love and also paved the path for peaceful and loving society for all mankind.

Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali, Chairman MUSLIM Institute, said in current scenario the pacifist teachings of Sultan Bahoo and Mevlana Rumi are as significant as these were in their own respective ages. With the passage of time the real impact has declined because today we only talk, read and sing the prose written by these renewed personalities rather than implementing their intellectual, philosophical and literary teachings in our lives. Keeping in view the role played by Sultan Bahoo and Mevlana Rumi in order to guide people, it is however, imperative to adapt their spiritual guidance to stabilize and unite contemporary society.

Barrister Zafarullah Khan, Special Assistant to PM on Parliamentary Affairs said Rumi’s teachings in view of Iqbal’s philosophy are extremely important to defuse the western philosophy. The teachings of mystics should be propagated that any philosophy of materialism neither belongs to Islam nor Sufism.

Mr. Sikandar Ismail Khan, Federal Secretary, Govt of Pakistan, said mystical teachings ought to be followed masses to get rid of bad self and devil; it would result in spiritual purity of heart and soul and bringing us closer to eternal love of Allah and his true recognition. The closer the individuals would be to Allah, the better would be our society.  It would lead to peace and prosperity in true sense.

H.E. Mr. Makarevic Nedim Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina to Pakistan said that being highly regarded mystics of all the times, Sultan Bahoo and Mevlana Rumi are the master of spiritual world because they used to talk about love, peace, patience, tolerance which are basics fundamental teachings of Islam and beneficial for humanity.

Dr. Ali Asghar Chisti said that there is no difference between Shariah and Tareeqat (Mystic Methodism).  Rather, Tareeqat is acting upon Shariah with full devotion and purity. The teachings of holy saints, mystics and our great religious scholars are inevitable to eradicate social evils and promote spiritual purity and high moral values of Islam.

Dr. Aalia Sohail khan, Principal Govt Post Graduate College for Women Rawalpindi, highlighted the contributions made by Sultan Bahoo and Mevalana Rumi for the betterment of society in the light of Quran And Sunna. Sultan Bahoo emphasized humanity to recognize the value of human being as crown of creation. By adapting such teachings society will be gathered and united.  The social justice and equity can only be ensured if political leaders and religious scholars are willing to make self-accountability

Dr. Nurali Nurzad, Khunjad State University from Tajikistan said, the teachings of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo are much more important since these contain pure spiritual guidance called Faqr. He further said since my work belongs to Persian language spoken in sub-continent, therefore I intend to translate Sultan Bahoo’s books so as to promote his teachings in Tajikistan for the guidance of truth seekers.

Dr. Farid ud Din university of IT & Sciences Dhaka from Bangladesh said that Mevlana Rumi described the basic purpose of human creation and Sultan Bahoo narrated the way how to implement such real and true teachings of Islam. Sultan Bahoo further explored the teachings of Sufism whose initiative was taken by Mevelana Rumi. The word Insan is Arabic derived from “Uns” which means love and Sufiah used this explanation to create love between human and his creator.

Dr. Saleem Mazhar, HOD Persian Punjab University, congratulated Muslim Institute on conducting international conference on Sultan Bahoo and Mevlana Rumi. He further said, Mevalana Rumi played a pivotal role after destruction of Samarkand and Bukhara whereas Sultan Bahoo, through his spiritual guidance and thought, created harmony amongst Muslims and non-Muslims and realized them to recognize their own self and led them towards divine unison with the creator.

Prof  Dr. Erkan Turkmen, Kanaya Karatay University Turkey said the true knowledge is seeking Allah and getting self-awareness. We should fight against our ego because it is corrupting our mind and destroying our soul. When knowledge is applied to spiritual heart, it gives contentment and self-actualization; however, it becomes destructive when it is applied to mere satisfaction of worldly wants and wishes! Hazrat Bahoo and Hazrat Rumi believed that soul is the ultimate source of all sorts of knowledge and once it is awakened, then you get universal knowledge. This is manifested in the word of ‘Hoo’ and same is also used by Rumi as source of eternal truth.

The conference was attended by individuals from all walks of life including representatives of international organizations, diplomatic missions, think tanks, parliamentarians and academicians from various disciplines.

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