Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Pretty model Sila Chaudhry dominant on fashion life style


By: Abid Khan

Female Model Silla Chaudhry. There is no shortage of beautiful celebrity female Models who grace our lives. They do their thing in a wide range of professions: actresses, models or in some cases, just being famous. But when many of us start compiling our list of top beautiful models, it tends to have an Asian flavor.


The country like Pakistan by no means has a monopoly in beauty. Indeed, pretty ladies with international pedigrees shine just as bright on the sky of Showbizz.


Just take a look of Silla Choudry , sounds pretty and attractive as it rolls off the tongue. But believe me, she is more than just a pretty name. A model by trade, the 23-years-old beauty hails from Lahore,Islamabad,Pakistan and covered Dubai International show bizz market.


Her fair complexion and long, lithe body with foreign look are among the reasons she has graced the covers of such prestigious International World Class Designers Magazine recently.


She is one of the most photogenic women one is likely to see. Without doubt, this lady is a head turner, a “stop and see” beauty who will continue to dominate the fashion/modeling industry for years to come in Dubai and at International Level.


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