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PCP should ensure the implementation of print media code


Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD: January 28,2019- Civil society representatives working on Child/ Human Rights met with The Press Council of Pakistan (Government of Pakistan) on the issue of victimization of the children by the press regarding insensitive approach in which the reporting on children are being printed all over the print media. In this regard delegation tabled few recommendations in front of Chairman of Dr. M. Salah-ud-Din Mengal (A.S.C) The Press Council of Pakistan (PCP) to practice the power of Suo-Moto to all newspapers to follow Ethical Code of Practice. Civil society members also stressed to avoid mentioning the details of the children and their families in order to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the children. The delegation led by Haseeb Khawaja.

The Press Council of Pakistan (Government of Pakistan) is an autonomous, independent and self-regulatory body (watchdog) established to ensure and monitor ethical standards of practice for Pakistan’s print media, news agencies and their websites. The mission of Press Council of Pakistan (PCP) is maintenance of professional and ethical standards by the press to preserve the constitutional rights of citizens, and, to ensure freedom of press.

At present more than 3500 (ABC certified) newspapers in English, Urdu and other regional languages appear everyday across Pakistan and they all are bound to follow the directions of the Press Council of Pakistan.

The Press Council of Pakistan (Government of Pakistan) also notified a committee, which has been formulated to liaison with the Press Council of Pakistan in gathering insensitive reports appearing in print media on human and child rights issues across country. Committee consists on the following civil society members; Haseeb Khawaja, Imrana Jalil, Sidra Humayun and Nazra Bibi.

The following civil society representatives were present for the lobbying; Imrana Jalil, Nazra Bibi (Hashoo Foundation), Jaam Zahid (Ugood), M. Alaas (Hum), Ch. Saeed, M. Adnan, Sidra Humayun (WAR) and Haseeb Khawaja. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes