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Our culture is reflects peace and brotherhood; Pervaiz Rashid


MOSCOW:(APS)-“Our culture is an embodiment of peace, brotherhood and toleration, the Indus Valley Civilization, Mohenjodaro, Gandhara and Harrapa are a testimony and so is our religion Islam which itself stands for peace”  said Senator Pervaiz Rashid, Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting & National Heritage while  addressing the  2nd Silk Road International Cultural Forum here in Moscow.  Senator  Parvaiz Rashid tracing  Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage, said it  goes back to Mehergarh, some 7000 years ago followed by Indus, Mohenjodaro, Gandhara and Harrapa Civilizations.

“We are inheritors of a culture that emphasizes on family values. Our tradition for respect for elders and hospitality are anchored in our core values. These values have been reflected in our folklore and inspired by our Sufi, Saints and Poets,” the Minister emphasized.

Senator Parvaiz Rashid said that over the years the people who managed to travel on part or all of the Silk Road left their indelible footprints which evolved into a unique culture over a period of time. This route he said, experienced Buddhism, Christianity, Zoroastrism and Islamic Culture in the 7th century along the Silk Way.

The present democratic Government of Pakistan led by Prime Minister, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is committed to preserve its national heritage and promote culture by encouraging the creative potential of its artists and artisans. He said that the artisans and performing artists even from the remotest areas of Pakistan are being encouraged to bring out their true potential..

 It is not only incumbent upon us as a country to preserve culture and heritage but it is the collective responsibility of the entire world, the Minister stressed.

He expressed his confidence that the Silk Road International Cultural Forum will work towards the growth of Cultural Industries of the region through cultural exchanges and economic cooperation which will eventually lead to sustainable development of the region. He assured that Pakistan will continue to participate in encouraging Culture and International Forums which strive to safeguard and promote culture.

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