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New faces should be encouraged: Dalinda Khan


Muhammad Asad

Associated Press Service Islamabad

Dalinda Khan is a famous actress and model of Pakistan who has earned huge fame in few years of her showbiz career.

Beautiful model Dalinda Khan is working hard to achieve the success. She is one of those models who know that only hard work can make them successful. She is even working as a model and she is very creative when it comes to her own work.


The capital city to me is still struggling in the arena of fashion industry because of several reasons, non-availability of sponsors, high living standards and hesitation of taking initiatives to say the least. The young generation is wanted to present their talents but the sponsors are not interested in new faces. In Islamabad modeling are very much costly but this profession is my passion and dream life.These words are stated by young, delicate and foreign graduated & double masters in social sciences stylish model Dalinda Khan an interview to Associated Press Service (APS).


Dalinda Khan is new name in modeling world and she impressed national& international modeling houses. She is 24 years old smart, hardworking & gold medalist in management business administration girl. Her aims to become top model in Pakistan.  She started her career this year but she got good response from international brands and she had already worked with UK brand QUIZ. She got famous in very little time and she is happy with work but she said that in Islamabad for new models don’t have opportunities and here no money for models. Mostly girls are working as freelancer.

 She said that she is feels some time to leave Islamabad because not good opportunities here. She interested to go Karachi or Lahore for work on drams and movies and many television channels are offered to her for work as well.

Dalinda born in UK and she come to Pakistan when she was 4Th class, she completes schooling in Islamabad government school and after she father studied in federal collage. She is studied in university of COMSATS Islamabad and more studies in UK Queen University.

She said that her aims are to promote positive and clean modeling culture in Pakistan. Dalinda wants that she spread peace and love with her works. She said that she is very much interested in humanitarian works and great Pakistani personality late Abdus satar EDHI is her role model.

Dalind likes Pakistani folk music and her best singer is Rahat Feteh Ali Khan and her best actor and model is Nadia hussain.

Dalind said that some people are propagating wrong things about her gender so she clears that they all rumors are false and wrong.

At one question she answered that she is don’t interested in boyfriends and girlfriends relationships. She strictly follows eastern values and her prayers five times in day. Dalinda said that she wants direct marriage and the boy must be educated and from respected family. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes