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Mian Mahmood Ur Rasheed, Leader of the Opposition Punjab Assembly Addresses YPAP


LAHORE:(APS)November 25,2016- Leader of the Opposition in the Punjab Assembly, Mian Mahmood ur Rasheed, MPA, addressed the Youth Provincial Assembly Punjab today. He spoke to young members about the constructive role of the opposition and that of the Opposition Leader in the effective functioning of legislatures.

On the concluding day of the second session of YPAP, the Members underwent second session of the Workshop on countering violent extremism. Mr. Raheem Ul Haque, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Public Policy & Governance at FC College University, shared with members the detailed contours of the National Action Plan and the role and responsibility of the Punjab province in its implementation. He pointed that the implementation of the NAP has been a major source of contention between the Military and the elected Government, with both trading barbs over who has done more in this regard. He shared that out of the 20 points of NAP, 15 are to be implemented at the provincial level, and with regards to these, Government of the Punjab has shared nearly negligible information in the public domain, which needs to change.

Speaking on the subject, Mr. Raheem Ul Haque said that on January 09, 2015, Provincial Apex Committees were formed for better coordination at the provincial level with regards to implementation of the NAP. The Provincial Apex Committee of the Punjab has met 16 times to-date. On January 06, 2016, three Military Courts were formed in Punjab after the passage of the 21st Constitutional Amendment. Out of the 134 people sentenced by Military Courts, 37 people are from Punjab. With regards to curbing hate speech, Punjab has passed various laws such as the Punjab Sound System Regulation Ordinance, 2015. By June 2015, Punjab had also established a 2,000 strong Counter Terrorism Force, trained by the Army. Mr. Raheem Ul Haque also addressed various points relating to madarassah reforms initiative by the Government of the Punjab. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes