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I want to play some unique roles in films: Saim Ali

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Abid Khan

Associated Press Service

ISLAMABAD:April 18, 2017- Well-known model and actress Saim Ali said that I want to play some unique roles in films She told the Associated Press Service that Pakistani film industry is in crisis. In this context, This course of action would be to compete with Turkish and Indian dramas.


She added that if we make films and plays in the context of the feelings of the people. I certainly hope that we can restore dignity to the film lost Industries. Saim Ali  is one of the versatile actresses of Lolly wood Industry.. Her confidence is prominent in her personality; she is good and multi talented. She is beautiful and attractive, she appeared in many urdu & Punjabi film with famous casts.


She has a versatile acting skill with most attractive expressions. Saim Ali is became very famous in Lolly wood in a very short period of time she became a successful actress of Pakistan.She performed in more then 20 films.Now she wanted to work in TV plays and commercial Ads.She  like to work in show biz of Pakistan. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes