Monday, February 17, 2020

Attitudes towards modelling have become more positive :Shanaya Zaib


Associated Press Service

Islamabad:Sep 17-09-2017: Tall, lean and stunning, Shanaya Zaib  is passionate about her profession and having been in in this field, she feels it has been a perfect career choice despite the fact.


Shanaya Zaib is famous model of Islamabad. 6 video songs. She z doing a role in lolly wood pakistan movie. She has done many bridals and brand shoot.

Since “every girl has a different better angle you can shoot to” a good photographer can make a model look stunning even without makeup. Some of the most sought after photographers in the country like Asif etc.

We have some very good makeup artists in the country and although many photographers do use photoshop, very few actually know how to use it properly.


Attitudes towards modelling have become more positive in the recent past with more girls opting to enter the field. The fashion industry is growing,Shanaya  Zaib said that I am thankful to Abid Khan that he introduced me in the modeling department. and  hopefully I will achieve my goal in the short run. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes