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And My Heart Will Go on And On

By Mukhtar Tufail

When faced with the intricate prospect of deciding what you would truly like to be remembered for, most of us will struggle to produce an answer, most notably because there is an unbreakable correlation between death and legacies.

The prospect of death is a daunting one and what we are remembered for really comes to down to our natural actions. Here some would argue; you are either exceptionally talented and therefore remembered for your outstanding contributions within a given field or have a natural compassion towards humanity and therefore are remembered for the difference you the lives of others.

Whilst most would support this notion, a young angelic soul who grew up in affluent part of Kharachi and later grew up to rock the status quo, challenged this belief by leaving a legacy that denotes her undisturbed contributions to the Music World and also her role as a philanthropist, thus paving the way for the argument,’ the stamp we as human beings leave behind can be as deep or as shallow as our efforts ‘.

Nazia Hassan , the pop diva , the undisputed queen of pop, the singer that had a heart that comforted and cared for all,  was a singer who changed the face of Asian Pop Scene.

Remembered most notably for her hits. Nazia Hassan was something more than just a pretty face with a unique voice. She was the artist who cared for the needy, who thought it was every human’s responsibility to ensure that every child had a safe environment. That no stomach should be empty, and every woman should have the right to inhale freedom.

Nazia Hassan may not be with us today and whilst her voice and mesmerising catchy tunes may still be making the popularity list on the dance floor there is a single act of this Pop Diva, Lawyer and ambassadors caring nature that far outshines her other contributions.

Nazia Hassan dedicated her every birthday to needy children of the world. In her early years as a teenager she would instruct her parents not to purchase gifts but rather distribute these amongst orphanages. Later in life, her birthday parties afforded her opportunities to collate bestowed gifts and hand deliver these to orphan children and families.

Today as many intellectuals try to surmise a life that ended far too quickly, a strong similarity is often drawn between Nazia Hassan and other beatific souls such as Mother Theresa and Dinna Princes of Wales whose hearts continue to heal the world.


Dianna Pricess of Wales is still alive in the hearts of people today as the number of charities to which she was patron continue to support the most vulnerable and Mother Theresa lives on in the hearts of the world as she is remembered daily for the positive waves her sacrifices she made.

Similarly, Nazia Hassan lives on through the exceptionally compassionate charity The Nazia Hassan Foundation Trust. The charity set up by a mother that never lets the wind blow out the fire on the lantern that beams her daughters memory. The charity boasts an impressive record number of projects. Reaching out to vulnerable children, women and families, the trust is very much active globally and has a history of activities and projects in Europe and South Asia.

Shahnaz Hussain , the social media representative and legal advisor of the trust who has been in Pakistan for the past twelve months recently replicated a very potent trait of Nazia Hassans caring personality that has become Nazia Hassan most admired legacies. Miss Hussain disturbed amongst the needy children in orphanage in Pakistan gifts which were and other valuable items in the same fashion Nazia used to.( Children with no families and no prospect of ever coming into a loving environment are harboured by The Helping Hands Orphanage based in Rawalpinidi , Pakistan. ) Miss Hussain visited these children and spent a very emotional afternoon comforting and reaching out  to so many children.

Speaking during the ceremony where Miss Shahnaz from Sheffield , England distributed gifts on behalf of the Foundation Trust Said “ Nazia Hassan had a heart larger than life , the fact that we are distributing gifts in the same way she would have done or wanted makes us all realise this artist who is respected for her unique lyrics had a caring heart that will go on caring beyond the grave. Angels like Nazia never truly leave the earth. They are alive every day through their legacies. This is Nazia’s greatest legacy her caring nature . Her heart goes on“ • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes