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Ali Mutaqeen Ahmed son of Humaira Arshad exempted from court attendenc


LAHORE:(APS)Oct 1,2016- A local Guardian Lahore has exempted the minor six-year-old Ali Mutaqeen Ahmed a in the child custody case  between famed national singer Humaira Arshad and actor Ahmed Butt on other day fixed next date for final arguments on 08th October 2016, on other day. The newly appointed judge Mr.  Shahid Ali Khokhe learned Guardian judge vi, Lahore after hearing marathon arguments by the council of singer Humaira Arshad ordered to exempt the minor for attendance in the court. The council for the famed national singer Humaira Arshad advocate Asghar Ali Mubarak briefed the court in details about the whole facts of the case and stated that Khalil Ahmed Butt filed the petition U/s 7 of the Guardian & Wards Act 1890 for the appointment of Guardian in person of minor namely Ali Mutaqeen Ahmad on 02-09-2016 which is pending adjudication before this honorable Court..That the  Khalil Ahmed Butt  along with the main petition also filed a petition U/s 12 of the Guardian & Wards Act for the interim custody of the minor .That from the bare perusal of the petition filed by respondent  Khalil Ahmed Butt would reveal that the whole petition is based upon concealment, concoction and misstatement as the respondent concealed / misstated the facts from this honorable Court in the following manners:-That  Khalil Ahmed Butt filed the petition before this honourable Court on 02-09-2016, on the front page of the said petition, the stamp of Worthy District Judge Lahore regarding the pendency of any case in respect of custody of minor is pending or decided from any Court of law, that  Khalil Ahmed Butt in this regard totally concealed this fact and given the answer as “No” whereas before filing of the said petition, a petition U/s 491 Cr.P.C was filed by the petitioner and the notices were also served upon the respondent and when the respondent filed the said petition i.e. Petition U/s 7 of Guardian and Wards Act 1890, the date of hearing was also fixed before the Court of Mr. Ghulam Abbas Sial, learned Additional Sessions Judge Lahore and the respondent along with the minor are also appeared before the said Court and later on filed the instant petition hence the respondent not only committed fraud, cheating, misrepresentation and also misstatement before this honourable Court hence the respondent is liable to be strictly penalized U/s 476 read with section 195 Cr.P.C (Copy of order dated 02-09-16 is annexed herewith for kind perusal of this honourable Court).That  Khalil Ahmed Butt deliberately and intentionally mentioned the date of marriage as 08-08-2004 whereas the marriage between the parties was solemnized on 20-02-2004 further the date of birth of minor has also been wrongly mentioned as 08-08-2004 whereas actual date of birth of minor is 21-02-2011.That  Khalil Ahmed Butt mentioned that the minor is admitted in school in K.G in Skutted International situated at BB-DHA Campus Lahore whereas the minor is studying in the school Scarsdale International School situated at 193-BB DHA Phase IV, Lahore and now a day’s studying at Becon House school. That the  Khalil Ahmed Butt filed an application U/s 12 of the Guardian & Wards Act for the custody of minor Saad Ali, the said minor i.e. Saad Ali is not the son of parties, the respondent filed the said application duly supported by an affidavit which has been verified on oath and attested by the concerned oath Commissioner. That deliberately and intentionally concealed material facts from this honourable Court which is clear cut fraud and forgery with this honourable Court therefore the respondent be summoned through notices and be strictly penalized U/s 476 read with Section 195 the last the council Asghar Ali Mubarak advocate prayed that under the circumstances, the instant petition may kindly be accepted and the respondent Khalil Ahmed Butt may graciously be summoned through notices and may graciously be strictly penalized accordingly in order to meet the ends of justice.It is mentioned here that the was handed over to mother famed national singer Humaira Arshad by the order of Mr. Ghulam Abbas Sial, learned Additional Sessions Judge, Lahore who vide order dated 07-09-2016.In a short order, the court directed Ahmad Butt, former husband of Humaira, for handing over the son temporary to mother. The Petitioner Humaira Arshad had submitted to the court that her former husband had forcefully snatched her six-year-old son Ali and had kept him in his illegal possession. The court then ordered the police concerned to produce the kid before court. Famed singer Humaira Arshad on other day also alleged her ex-husband Ahmed Butt of stealing goods worth millions from the house they once lived in together and approached police seeking registration of a case against him. Humaira Arshad last few days back visited the office of the CCPO Lahore and therein alleged her former husband of stealing valuables worth Rs1.5 million from her house.Madam Humaira hold separate meetings with the top official and recorded their statements. The CCPO after listening to both ordered the concerned SP to hold an inquiry. The matter between Humaira Arshad and Ahmed Butt is in the civil court over the custody of their child the next date of hearing is fixed for 07th October 2016 for arguments on different application move by singer Humaira Arshad

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