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Acting was not my desire : Adnan Siddiqui

By: Khaula Waqas

Associated Press Service

(The Interview Group!  Minahil Shahzad, Nafia Misbah, Maha Irfan, Aleen Tariq, Mahnoor and Khaula Waqas.)

Soon going to hit his Half Century, Adnan Siddiqui rules out whole Pakistan with his exceptional acting skills and his charming looks as always! Humble in his nature and classy in his personality, Adnan Siddiqui gave us a plenty of his precious time and shared a lot of his career struggle, his family life and his personal motives; for which we are thankful to him from core of our hearts. Adnan Siddiqui has given almost 3 decades to this ever-growing industry and has worked across the borders as well.

While describing his own personality, Adnan articulated that personality has a great impact on your own life as well as on others and he is always an easy-going, classical and happy going person. Also, personality can be of two types, an inner personality and the exterior personality which you get from your family background. Therefore, your personality reflects your family background and from where you belong. He takes things as they come and he never ponders over decisions.

“There are no wrong and right decisions in life. Once you jump into some decision, right or wrong comes after that”.

Becoming an actor was never his goal or ambition in life, he came to this field coincidentally and luckily. He stepped in the industry as a model and was self-taught in modeling as well as working on his appearance.

“First step might be assisted by someone, but then you have to take all steps by yourself and with hard work.”

Adnan shared that he did the first drama which was created by his loving uncle, Anwar Maqsood and he even had no idea that he was going to some audition for that drama. That drama opened his way and with his hard work and resilience, he made his space and his name. IBA dropped out Adnan due to his failing grades, but little did they know that they have given a shining star to Pakistan who was about to rule the hearts.

It sometimes become difficult to retain the originality of your own personality when you have to mold yourself to fit the requirements of so many different characters. When asked the same question from Adnan Siddiqui, he explained his situation in detail while mentioning that most of the actors in Pakistani industry are not ‘Method Actors’. It is a tough thing for method actors. Characters like JOKER and BATMAN require a total transformation of your
personality. He mentioned that his concentration span is very short. He cannot remain in the personality of the  character for a long time. He motioned that he even asks the director to take the close shots first because he cannot give the same strong expressions the next time. Once a shooting is over, its over, he then looks forward towards the new project and new character.

 We sensed that Adnan has a deep connection to his family and he takes a pride in it. He opened up that he has a very friendly affiliation with his children especially both of his daughter whom he calls ‘Mariam Jaan’, ‘Zaid Sahab’ and ‘Dania Jaania’with love.

“I’ve raised my daughters in a way that they share everything with me, and by everything I literally mean everything”

Our dashing and classical Shehwar mentioned that he has got his classy personality and outstanding dressing sense from his father, who was a banker. Also, he was a literature and writing person. He trained Adnan to write better, both in English and Urdu. The same practice has been carried out by Adnan towards his children. He loves poetry and John Elia is one of his favourites.

Adnan shared with us that all of his work is very dear and very important to him. Just like a father never ranks his children, he couldn’t make a list from best to least enjoyed work. However, Aroosa was his first ever drama serial, so it will always have a special place in his heart. He stated that a good script matters a lot to him. It is significant that we portray the characters near to the reality. “But whatever my character is, I enjoy it with heart”, Adnan claims.

While talking about his recent hit, ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ he stated that this script is very near to the reality. The strength of dialogues and plot can be easily observed. All the three characters exist in the reality and all the co-actors have put a great effort in playing their roles. Shehwar is a ‘Grey-Character’ who has been taken as a villain but actually, his attitude and his behavior might be a consequence of bad marriage and a great status he holds. He is a charmer and deep down has a soft heart. Danish, on the other hand is a very simple person who keeps his personal values beyond everything else. After his wife leaves him, he is now in a complete denial. Mehwish type women do exist in some ratio. It would not be right to ignore the fact that there are humans like Mehwish who prioritize wealth over relationships and have a materialistic approach.

Adnan appreciated the efforts which everyone is putting in their work, he articulated that hard work and patience is what matters to achieve a place. You cannot be a hero on the basis of one drama or one file. Give yourself some time and improve your work with time.

While having a bad experience with the cup of tea, Adnan shared his good experiences while working across the borders whether it was with Sri Devi or Angelina Julie. While asked the major difference between Hollywood/Bollywood and Pakistani industry, the star of ‘A Mighty Heart’ and ‘Mom’ shared that the basic difference is of training and acting schools. Unfortunately, Pakistan has natural actors, we all learn from on-work situations. Other countries produce and train the actors. They give time to a person to let him groom. Another factor is about rewards and facilities an actor gets there. Everything during work time or project days us sponsored by the people you are working for. Therefore, an artist just has to care about the script and work.

While cutting his answer to very short in the response  to the statement about the issues our celebrities in India, he said that “It was a good experience for me.”

The ever handsome and charming Adnan Siddiqui has a grand experience in this field and based on his long career, he suggested the young stars to inculcate professionalism, hard work, dedication and patience in their work to be on some point in their lives.


Q: Best director of industry : a) Nadeem Baig
b) Nabeel Qureshi c) Haseeb Hassan

A: I would rank it like a, b and then c.

Q: One actor which you think still needs a lot of
a) Yasir Hussain b) Bilal Ashraf c) Asad Siddiqui

A: All of them

Q: Which actor plus singer should leave acting? 

a.) Asim Azhar b) Ali Zafar c) Farhan Saeed
A: None of them. All are doing great job. But if I rank from best to good, it’s Ali, then Farhan and then Asim.

Q: Social media celebrity in your opinion?             
a) Mawra Hoccaine b) Iqra Aziz c) Yasir Hussain
A: Mawra ofcourse. But, for me the guy I have added in my recent project, Momin Saqib, he is the real social media celebrity.

Q: Which male actor you really want to work with,  in Pakistan?
A. Fawad Khan, for sure. I would love to work with him some time.

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