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Exports is inevitable to increase government revenue; Prime Minister


ISLAMABAD:(APS) September 11, 2015-Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif chaired a meeting with the heads of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and export groups of the country at Prime Minister’s Office today.

Prime Minister said that the meeting with the representatives of business houses and export groups has been convened to deliberate on the measures to increase the exports of the country. The Prime Minister said that increase in exports will enhance revenues of the government and in turn government will invest in the development of the country.

The Prime Minister expressed that exports of our country are stagnant whereas other countries of the region have moved far ahead. The Prime Minister further elaborated that the meeting should review this stagnation of the exports and suggest a remedy for fast improvement in the export performance.

The Prime Minister elaborated that government is aware that there is a global economic slowdown and prices of the commodities are falling but even in this challenging environment, government and business houses will have to adopt innovative strategies for increasing exports.

The Prime Minister elaborated that providing subsidy to the different sectors of the economy needs resources and resources are generated by robust economic activity. The Prime Minister emphasised that subsidy or relief packages if opted as a policy measure must produce economic returns to boost investment and business activity.

The Prime Minister informed the meeting that government will fully support the industrial, trade and investment sectors for registering increase in the production and inducing growth in the economy

The Chairman FPCCI speaking on behalf of the business community assured the Prime Minister of full cooperation from the industrial and trade houses of the country and acknowledged the business friendly policies of the government and appreciated the improvement in law and order situation which has contributed to enhanced trade and economic activities. The chairman FPCCI stated that today the business representatives will give suggestions and identify various factors which are hindering business ventures and will propose measures for raising confidence of the investors

Chairman FPCCI informed the meeting that business community appreciates the cooperation of the government but would like more support from government particularly with regard to facilitation in the area of ease of doing business. Chairman FPCCI presented a set of suggestions/proposals before the meeting for consideration to build the business friendly atmosphere between the government and private sector.

The Prime Minister in his concluding remarks observed that in today’s meeting some very useful discussions have been made and all participants agree to see the country move forward on the path of development and progress.

The Prime Minister stated that his government has introduced fair and transparent policies and this has been the hallmark of his governments. Prime Minister added that conditions today are far better than two and half years ago and government has taken some major decisions to redress the deficiencies prevalent in the economy and power sector.

The Prime Minister apprised the meeting that government has taken the challenge of terrorism head-on and a decisive war was launched through operation Zarb-e-Azb, which has dismantled the infrastructure of terrorism from the country and the terrorists are now on the run and breathing last gasps.

The Prime Minister said that success against terrorism is the result of unprecedented valour and commitment of the armed forces for the peace and stability of the country. The officers and Jawaans of our valiant armed forces have rendered tremendous sacrifices and even the children laid their lives in this national effort. The Prime Minister further reaffirmed that these sacrifices will keep the resolve of the nation alive against terrorism.

The Prime Minister said that Karachi operation has completed its two years and it will be taken to its logical conclusion. The miscreants now are carrying out coward last resort attacks but are destined to be defeated ultimately. Situation in Karachi has improved to greater extent and local and international business activity is witnessing signs of revival. The government has taken all major decisions with consensus and made amendments in the constitution and law and has displayed courage to punish the culprits for their heinous crimes.

The Prime Minster said that in this war against terrorism the whole nation should be one body politic. Prime Minister said that economic revival has set in and economic indicators are improving. In next three years the government will make substantial improvement in meeting the shortage of energy and many initiatives and projects are in the offing in these sectors.

The Prime Minister advised the business community to conceive forward planning in view of the prospects arising out of the Mega Regional Development initiatives CPEC and TAPI. The Prime Minister apprised the business community that these mega projects coupled with development of infrastructure in the form of motorways and up gradation of Gwadar port will open new avenues of economic activities which can be capitalised by Pakistan’s business community.

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