Tuesday, July 17, 2018

KC-EU lauds European Union for connecting human rights with trade talk with India


Brussels, Belgium:(APS)Feb 12,2017-Kashmir Council Europe (KC-EU)’s Chairman Mr Ali Raza Syed has lauded European Union (EU)’s stance for connecting the upcoming Union free trade dialogue with human rights’ situation in India.

It is important to mention that a head of high-level European Union’s delegation on upcoming session of EU-India later this year says, human rights will be part of next EU-India summit.

Human rights have been bone of contention between EU and India. The two sides could not reach a final conclusion on Free Trade Agreement (FTA), despite a decade of negotiations.

EU insisted during the negotiation that any trade deal between EU and India is subjected to respecting human rights. Protection of human rights is enshrined in European constitution and it is a cornerstone of European democratic values.

Chairman Kashmir Council EU said, New Delhi is involved massive human rights violation in Indian occupied Kashmir (IHK) and EU should pressurize India to stop the crimes against humanity in the disputed territory. People of Jammu and Kashmir struggle for their right of self-determination recognized by United Nation and promised by New Delhi itself. While India is trying to crash the peaceful struggle through a large scale atrocities against the  oppressed people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Mr Ali Raza Syed also appreciated the efforts of Members of European parliament (MEPs) including Sajjad Karim, Afzal Khan, Amjad Bashir and Barbra Lochbihler for their efforts of raising issue of human rights in IHK.

Chairman Kashmir Council EU said, EU has important role in the world politics and it is a moral duty of the Union to ask India to stop the human rights violations in IHK and provide right of self-determination to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

He said, Kashmiris need urgent assistance from European Union in the context of their human rights and as well as political right about their fate of their homeland.

He further asked EU to review the situation in IHK and stop black laws, extra judicial killings, illegal use of pellet guns, detention without trial and forced disappearances and rapes of women.

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