Sunday, December 17, 2017

India is committing violations of human rights in occupied Kashmir: Mushaal Hussein Mullick


MUZAFFARABAD (APS)November 26, 2016- – While addressing a press conference at Central Press Club, Mushaal Hussein Mullick, Chairperson Kashmir Peace and Culture expressed that India is committing severe human rights violations inside its occupied territories of Jammu and Kashmir. She revealed that such examples of human rights violations cannot be found in Indian history.

Mushaal Hussein Mullick expressed that why the world is silent over the Indian atrocities inside Jammu and Kashmir.

She also told that how much blood the world would need in order to resolve the dispute of Kashmir.

Mushaal Hussein Mullick let it be known that India is planning on a heinous crime of disabling a whole generation of Kashmiris.

She expressed that Kashmiris are not against the peaceful relationship between Pakistan and India, however, they won’t compromise on their freedom fight in any case.

Mushaal Hussein Mullick was of the opinion that owing to the ongoing atrocities inside Kashmir and the current situation across LoC, the bus and truck service across the Line of Control is useless.

She also suggested that Pakistan should enhance its efforts on diplomatic levels for resolving the issue of Kashmir. • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes