Tuesday, July 17, 2018

ICT raid and fine to restaurants for non-standard service in G-11 Markaz


ISLAMABAD:(APS)DECEMBER 14,2016-Today AC Shalimar raided and checked food outlets/ restaurants and fruit shops for food quality, labour laws, fire extinguishing equipment, prices, general standards in G-11 Markaz.

Meat and cuts was selling beef and mutton today on a non meat day, given show cause notice, and imposed fine of Rs. 20,000. Strictly directed to stop  this practice.

The kitchen of Ali Baba restaurant was found unhygienic and frozen meat of unknown duration was confiscated and wasted, samples taken. Labour wages below standard of minimum wages. Fine imposed Rs. 18,000

Rawaiyat hotel was found unsatisfactory with respect to food hygiene, fine imposed Rs. 8,000.

Chula Chaoki: rice found stale, fine imposed Rs. 2,000.

Cakes n bakes bakery did not display manufacturing and expiry dates on perishable baked items. Fine imposed Rs. 2,000.

Karachi Night: Kitchen was dirty and some items left uncovered. Fine imposed Rs. 10,000.

Mezbaan hotel had cooked beef on a non meat day which meant it was not fresh. Kitchen had a few dead cockroaches on the floor. Fine imposed Rs.10,000.

Five fruit shops fined for not having rate lists and for selling expensive fruits and vegetables. (Overall fine Rs. 18,000) and total fine for the day: Rs. 88000/-Arrested one, released later on.


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