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ISLAMABAD:(APS) May 27, 2016- The Government has decided to re-verify all national identity cards in six months.

This was announced by Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali while briefing newsmen after chairing a meeting at NADRA Headquarters in Islamabad on Friday.

The Minister said with a view to save people from unnecessary botheration, it has been decided to focus on 25 million families for verification of identity cards.

The Interior Minister gave two months for holders of fake national identity cards or passports or officials of NADRA and Passport Office who helped issue such documents to reveal the information themselves.

He said if they voluntarily reveal or identify fake cards and passports, no action would be taken.

Otherwise, legal action would be taken against holder of fake identity card or passport and he could get seven year imprisonment and officials responsible for issuance of such cards or passports would get fourteen years of imprisonment.

Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said a reward scheme is also being launched under those giving information about presence of foreigners with Pakistani identity card or passport would be rewarded.

He said a helpline is being established for the purpose besides another helpline to redress grievances of those who might have genuine grievances during the exercise for re-verification of national identity cards.

He said NADRA has been directed not to block identity card of any citizen until and unless there is 90% evidence of some fraudulent activity surrounding issuance of such a card.

The Minister said a bipartisan Parliamentary Committee would formed to oversee the entire process to ensure its transparency.

He said like NADRA, Directorate of Immigration and Passports is also being declared as essential service for six months to ensure smooth implementation of reform measures.

The Minister said the number of Director-Generals of NADRA has been reduced from the existing 26 to 10 only.

He said during the last five months one hundred and twelve thousand identity cards have been blocked as against over ninety thousand last year.

To a question, he said every head of the family would be sent a letter by NADRA asking him to verify members of his family.

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