Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Prime Minister and ministers are corrupt: Imran Khan


FAISALABAD:(APS)MAY 20,2016 – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan addressed a huge public gathering at Faisalabad on Friday and criticised the government and Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif over the Panama Leaks issue and other matters, reported APS News.

He said only four questions were asked to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif regarding the issue but instead of answering them, he has puzzled the whole matter. He said that the PM lied in the National Assembly (NA) about the property he owned overseas. He said that the Pakistani nation ranks fourth among the nations that pay the most charity in the world however at the same time it also pays the least tax in the world as well. Khan added that he will go the last mile to cater the issue even if other political parties do not offer support.

PTI chairman said that the government took Rs 500 billion worth loan in past 3 years. He added that he is ready to be accounted by any auditor regarding his assets. PTI chief said that inflation in the country is on the rise, further stating that the people have to pay huge taxes over various services that they acquire. He said that the corrupt ones in the country never present themself for accountability. He said that it has become difficult to do business in the country as there is so much corruption. Khan said that a small number of people in the country are becoming rich.

He said that the factories in the country are closing which is giving rise to unemployment, adding that people are shifting towards the real estate business after selling their factories. He said that the farmers, labourers are not getting anything out of the hard work they are doing. He said that he has been pointing out for the past 20 years that people intend to lead the country as they get the opportunity to make large sums of money.

Khan said that he is extremely thankful to the women who are attending the rally especially after the unfortunate incidents that took place in the party s events in Lahore and Islamabad and apologised over the misbehaviour with women in the party s previous gatherings. He said that Pakistan is the name of a wonderful dream that was formed as a result of the struggle of the Muslims of the region. He said that the everyone will be treated equally irregardless of their religion in the version of Pakistan that he wishes to promote.

 A video showing contradictory statements of the Sharif family members including Maryam Nawaz, Hassan and Hussain Nawaz, PM Nawaz Sharif and Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan over the Panama Leaks issue, the family business and the property owned was also played in the public gathering.

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