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Pakistan need independent pro-active foreign policy: Shireen Mazari


ISLAMABAD:(APS) April 21 ,2016-Renowned Scholar and Director General (DG) Strategic Studies Institute Islamabad,Dr. Shireen M. Mazari has said that Pakistan need independent narrative on Nuclear Program and pro-active foreign policy to execute their FP  objective on nuclear weapons in international Institutions.

 Pakistan have comprehensive Nuclear command and control system, according to the international standard and there have not any problem in safety and Security of country`s Nukes, said Dr. Shireen M Mazari ,while addressing the round table conference in National Press Club (NPC) Islamabad Auditorium along with the President National Press Islamabad  Shakeel Anjum and International Law expert Ali Sultan  on issue of  “ The Global Strategic Environment and Nuclear Issues Confronting Pakistan“, organized by National Press Club and Strategic Studies Institute Islamabad (SSII) on Thursday.

 While addressing his welcome address President National Press (NPC) Islamabad Shakeel Anjum said that “ We are fully committed to make coordination on the sensitive issue of national security and promote our national narrative on  nuclear weapons and their security with SSII ,headed by reputed International scholar Shireen Mazari.

He said that Pakistan have always facing different challenges because of their unique strategic position in region and significant importance at global politics.

 While addressing the conference, DG, SSII, Dr Shireen Mazari said that proactive and independent foreign policy would necessary to gain the objectives of country`s foreign policy.

She said Pakistan have capacity for second strike capability, “ we had initiated the medium range tactical nuclear weapon, missile system “ Nasser “ would launch in submarine to respond any nuclear aggression from enemy.

She added that the medium range nuclear missile system “Nasser“ would have full capacity to counter the Indian Cold Start Doctrine.

 He stressed the need to counter the propaganda spread by western countries to defame our nuclear program and said the United State (US) Nuclear command and control system was not secure because different incident took place in USA raise the question regarding the safety of their nukes.

Dr Shireen Muzari said that in 4th Nuclear Summit held in Washington (USA) remarks on Pakistan nuclear weapons were not justified according to the International Law.

She strongly criticizes the United States (US) President Barrack Obama statement on Pakistan nuclear program and question regarding the security situation of Pakistan.

 She said that western powers including United State was involved in destabilized the Middle Eastern countries Iraq, Syria and Yemen another Afghanistan and Libya has face their aggression in the name on democracy.

Under the United States, new policy of “Greater Middle East,“  the US has violate the sovereignty of these countries and create huge vacuum for militants groups like ISS and Diesh to violate the human right, said Shireen Mazari.

She said that after the intervention Russia and Iran ISS and other militants groups was in control and now they are near to be defeated, adding that  here the western world and US policy was exposed in front of international community.

Dr. Mazari said US have always bad role in international politics, which violated the sovereignty of the independent state in different regional for vested interest.

She said that Pakistan`s need to Re-Shape their foreign and design the priorities to achieve her long, medium and short terms foreign policy objective.

DG SSII said the Civilian and military leadership to understand the current global political situation and move accordingly to secure our national interest.

  She said that Pakistan is responsible nuclear state, “ we have always followed the international law and Internationa protocol of Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for the safety and security of our nuclear program.

She said that IAEA has conducted the conference on nuclear safety in Pakistan Centre of Excellence on Nuclear Weapon Safety and appreciated the Pakistan efforts in this regard.

We have fully focused on the safety and Security of our nukes and Pakistan have more advanced modernize missile system to counter any foreign aggression and accept and challenge, she said.

Shireen Mazari said that now Pakistan and India need focuses to reach on mutual agreement like Unites state (US) and Soviet Union as cold war time to maintain peace and stability in South Asia, adding that maturity require from India to start peaceful negotiation and come at conclusion in this regard.

She said that US, Civil Nuclear deal with India and to give him membership in nuclear suppliers group to disturb the balance of power in South Asia.

DG, SSII said the Republic of Marshall Islands case against the three nuclear weapons owned states United Kingdom, India and Pakistan in the  International Court of Justice (ICJ) was against the International  Law and no disputes been occurred here to file case in ICJ.

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