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It is priority to maintain the beauty of Islamabad:Tariq Fazal Chaudhry


ISLAMABAD: (APS)15th February, 2016- Minister of State for Capital Administration & Development Division (CADD) Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry has said that Islamabad was developed on the concept of green city in 1960s and we are committed to preserve this green character of Islamabad. He stated this while addressing at a ceremony for Signing of MoU between Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) in Islamabad here today.


Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry said that Islamabad is known for its lush green beauty and we are focused to maintain this beauty and green character.  The Minister of State observed that global warming and climate change was a global phenomena and Pakistan was no exception to it. We have to deal with this challenge by planting more trees and improving green character of our cities, he continued. We are learning from good practices and example from around the world and trying to replicate those for the beautification of Islamabad, the Minister of State added.

Dr. Tariq Fazal said that diversity of weather conditions is a unique climatic feature of Pakistan and this uniqueness can only be preserved by growing more trees and decorating flower beds, round-abouts and open areas, he added. He said that Prime Minister has assigned him special task to conserve the Marghala Hills Forest and there would no construction beyond a specific line to conserve the Marghala Hills Forest.

The MOS for CADD acknowledged that limitation of available resources and lack of monitoring has been an issue but public private partnership can be a solution. He welcomed the Multinational companies, corporate institution to come up their ideas and concepts to played their role to maintain the green character of this beautiful city of the world.

He said that we have removed the barriers and red-tapism which has been a major concern of foreign funding institutions and corporate sector. Now partnership with CDA will be a pleasure for corporate sector and they will enjoy working with them.

According to MOU PTC and CDA will plant more than eight hundred thousand tree in Islamabad in coming plantation season.

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