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Imran Khan rejects govt’s proposed commission


ISLAMABAD: (APS)April 23, 2016 – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan while addressing a press conference on Saturday stated that he thought that the Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif will tell the truth to the people in regards to the Panama Leaks investigation through his address but he was disappointed with his speech, reported APS News.

 He added that it was not him who placed the allegations on the Prime Minister’s family as the names of eight leaders of different countries were also in the Panama Leaks. He said that the United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister David Cameron did not bash the opposition leader in regards to the Panama Leaks investigation but he presented his case in the Parliament and that his party did not defend him in the case as well but he defended himself on his own.

 He said that the Prime Minister’s way of attacking is not new as he has attacked the Supreme Court in the past as well. He stated that the nation is being deceived. Khan said that whenever accountability is initiated, it should begin from him. He said that the PM was named in the Panama Leaks so he also needs to be held accounted. He said that concealing taxes in the United States results in imprisonment.

 PTI chief rejected the recommended investigation commission made by the government, adding that the PM’s letter to the Chief Justice is a joke. He said that the country’s Prime Minister is afraid of being held accounted adding that the powers granted to the investigation commission are equivalent to those held by a civil court neither has been a national forensic auditor been included in the investigation process.

 He said that if the government was serious about the investigation, it should have consulted the opposition parties before making the Terms of References (TORs). He added that the Prime Minister should be accounted before initiating investigation against other individuals, otherwise it will result in the burial of justice and accountability.

 “There is no mention of tax evasion in the TORs made by the government”, he said. He added that the investigation commission should be made under the supervision of the Chief Justice and that the services of an international auditor should also be availed. He demanded that the PM should bring forth his tax references dating from the 90s before the public. He said that the PM seems to be quite angry at him during his press conference. “It is the opposition’s duty to highlight and the government’s responsibility to clarify, not to accuse”, he said. He added that the tradition to place accusations should be put to an end.

 Khan said that he shall introduce the party’s strategy in tomorrow’s (April 24) public meeting and also stated that they will hit the streets if the commission as proposed by the opposition parties is not made.

 PTI chief said that he is deeply disturbed over Soran Singh’s assassination, adding that Singh made a lot of contributions for the party. Khan said that Singh’s murderers have been apprehended and that KP Inspector General (IG) also intimated him in this regards.

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