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Aitzaz Ahsan has sent Legal Notice to ‘The Daily Times’ on defamation


ISLAMABAD:(APS)May 25, 2016-Leader of the Opposition, Senator Aitzaz Ahsan has sent Legal Notice for damages for defamation upon ‘The Daily Times’ Lahore & Islamabad, through his Attorney. He has demanded Rs.50 crore as compensation for a story carried in the newspaper on 24-05-2016 under the headline “83-LPG Companies including Aitzaz’s wife benefited from Musharraf quota”.

The Notice sent through Barrister Gohar Ali Khan and Barrister Fawad Syed asserts that the newspaper’s report was false in attributing to Mr. Ahsan’s wife Bushra Aitzaz Ahsan, a favor by General Musharraf of a quota of LPG.

The Notice states that neither Mr. Ahsan nor his wife has obtained any favor from General Musharraf or any other Government. In fact, Ahsan had led a popular moment against the General, which resulted in his ouster. How could then Ahsan lead such a movement and why Musharraf did not cancel the alleged quota?

The Notice further explains that Mrs. Bushra Aitzaz Ahsan entered upon the business of LPG marketing after it had been deregulated in 2000 and shifted to private sector. No favor was obtained from any Government nor was any law violated.

The Notice seeks an apology and a contradiction, failing which, Mr. Ahsan will take necessary steps to recover the compensation of Rs.500 million, demanded in the Notice.

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