Sunday, May 26, 2019

“SHORTCUT” is declared for best teachable film 2016


ISLAMABAD:(APS)May 24, 2016- Recently a film “SHORTCUT” ceremony launch  held in Islamabad.

The film is full of humor but also a reflection of the real events in our society.

The film is a lesson for our youth in this regard. The film is a message that   no short way  to achieve a successful life.

Whereas Screen Play & Dialogues By: Iqbal Hassan,Producer: Zafar Khan,Director: Syed Muntazim shah

Cast: Neha  Laaj, Rami siddiqui, Umer khilji, Adil Javed, Masood khuwaja etc.

According to Associated Press Service that Shortcut film is declared for best  teachable film  2016.

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